2015 Kisumu I Kenya

Planning: March – August 2015
Completion: August – September 2015 (6 Weeks)
Team: DI Gernot Kupfer, DI Magdalena Lang, 8 Students of Graz University of Technology,  Student of Linz University of Art and Design

Dispensary proposal supports and provides the community necessary medical help and medicine supply. The project is supervised by MOJO “Full-scale Studio NPO” and realized in cooperation with NGO “Make me smile Kenya” and local “Angola Community”. The proposal of the dispensary includes essential infrastructure for its operation and medical delivery. Crucial aspects of this design were moreover awareness of the preservation and sustainable use of available resources and together with our partners on site “Make Me Smile Health Center” strengthening the knowledge and awareness of this issue of the local community. Dispensary serves therefore also local population as a teaching center, where workshops take place in the seminar room, that would also benefit from atrium with local herbs and medical plants.